Hey! Good choice.

Conan O'Brien - Olde time baseball

I'm a big Conan O'Brien fan, this is his funniest remote segment in my opinion.

Here are some podcasts and videos we recommend.





This american life

Team effort

Conan o'brien needs a friend

30 for 30

Snap judgement

Naturally, we also recommend mountains.


The Succulent Chinese Meal Guy

This is Australian news footage from the late 80s. This guy is real, but it's how you would imagine a classically trained Shakespearean actor would react to getting arrested.

The Kidnapping of Beatles producer George Martin

From the sketch comedy show "Big Train", hilarious if you're a Beatles fan, hilarious if you're not a Beatles fan.



Anything on the Mama Mia network.

Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan

This is the best. Get some perspective!

The Farting Preacher

Not classy, but genuinely hilarious....I smell fresh bread!